Advanced Sql Programming Problems and Solutions

Advanced Sql Programming Problems and Solutions

description: The sql schema we used here is a bar-beer-drinker relational schema. Bars can sell beers, which are from different manufactories have different types. Drinkers frequents bars and like beers.

1.List the number of beers that bars starting with B serve(all bars)
2.The set of bars and manf that have average price for the beers from the same manufacturer more than 5 bucks
3.Unusual beer (A beer that is sold in the least number of bars)
4.Bars that serve all beers
5.Bars that have a beer Mike likes that is cheaper than in any bars Mike frequents
6.Bars that have maximum variety
7.Unusual manf per bar (A manufacturer that the current bar has the least number of beers from)

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